Weekend Warrior

Each weekend I see people blowing their grass clippings onto the road. Yesterday was no exception. At 10:53 am while undertaking a lesson in The Gap I witness my first Blowing incident.

I just don’t understand WHY people do this. For me, it just looks silly. Have a big ark of clippings out onto the road in front of your house.

Now the practice may not be illegal directly. But it is illegal to contribute to blocked drains in the street which may be the end result of your blowing.

The practice also contributes to polluting the local waterways and catchment areas.

A better practice is to actually blow the clippings underneath the nearby garden shrubs.

Blowing grass in the road can cause accidents, particularly to passing motorcyclists and cyclists, and some riders have even died because of it.

Simply put, grass on the road can be deadly and looks silly.

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